Revolutionising Facilities for Team Sports: A Global Endeavor

Revolutionising Facilities for Team Sports: A Global Endeavor

In the dynamic realm of team sports, the infrastructure plays a pivotal role in ensuring athletes and enthusiasts alike have a seamless and enjoyable experience. At Cubicle Solutions, we take pride in our contribution to enhancing these facilities, with a recent highlight being our partnership with McCarthy & Associates Ltd for the Teamsport Go Karting project.

Across multiple locations, including the bustling city of Utrecht in the Netherlands, Cubicle Solutions has played a pivotal role in refurbishing male and female public toilets, as well as reception areas. Our involvement spans beyond borders, with a keen focus on standardising quality across diverse settings.

The cornerstone of our contribution lies in the provision of our renowned Lutley range, meticulously installed to meet the specific needs of each location. From cubicles to IPS (Integrated Plumbing Systems) and vanity units, our products seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, ensuring a superior experience for patrons.

In early 2023, we embarked on an exciting journey with Teamsport Utrecht, marking our foray into the Dutch market. With our standard dark grey ironmongery and softwood timber IPS frames, we have consistently delivered excellence in design and functionality.

Over the years, our collaboration has extended to various locations, including Dunstable, Basildon, and Newcastle upon Tyne, to name a few. Each installation reflects our commitment to using high-pressure laminate panels and Keku panel clips for secure fixation, maintaining uniformity in corporate colors of L3031 Black and L167 Dark Grey.

As we look ahead, the success of our partnership with McCarthy & Associates Ltd serves as a testament to our dedication to revolutionising washroom facilities for team sports enthusiasts worldwide.With 35 team sports locations in the UK and now one in the Netherlands under our belt, we are poised to continue our journey of innovation and excellence, one facility at a time. Join us in shaping the future of sports infrastructure, where every detail counts.

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