Meet The Team

Established in 2005, Cubicle Solutions specialise in Bespoke Washroom Panel Systems, Toilet Cubicles, Shower Cubicles and Vanity Units. Our Washroom Systems are designed to suit all customer requirements and budgets. Our experienced staff are trained to the highest standards and are able to produce exactly what you want when you want it.


Meet Nick, the Managing Director of Cubicle Solutions, steering the ship with pride for the past 19 years. Nick reflects on the journey with a sense of accomplishment, acknowledging the exceptional team behind Cubicle Solutions. "We have an excellent team behind us, and Cubicle Solutions wouldn’t be where it is today without their hard work and dedication," says Nick.

Pride is not just in the team but also in the products produced. Nick is confident that the quality is unrivalled, a testament to the commitment to excellence. In a competitive landscape where clients have numerous choices, Cubicle Solutions stands out due to its excellent quality and after-sales service, fostering unwavering loyalty.

Nick remains hands-on, managing projects from inception to completion. Together with Tracy, he oversees the financial aspect of the business, ensuring an organic approach to its success.

Beyond the professional realm, Nick finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Long walks with much loved dog Ozzie, exploring the scenic landscapes, are a favourite pastime. Escaping to Devon with Tracy provides a refreshing break, and family time takes precedence, creating cherished moments with daughters, sons-in-law, and a beloved grandson.

Nick’s journey as the captain of Cubicle Solutions is not just about business; it’s a narrative of commitment, quality, and a genuine connection with both the team and clients.

In work and life, Nick embodies the ethos of Cubicle Solutions — excellence, dedication, and a commitment to quality that stands the test of time.

TEL: 0121 550 8838


Meet Tracy, the Co-founder and Financial Maestro at Cubicle Solutions. Back in 2005, after numerous discussions on the pros and cons, Nick and Tracy embarked on the exciting journey of starting the business. Tracy, still working evenings as a Team Manager at Telewest (Now Virgin Media), entrusted Nick to be the driving force in the initial phase.

The first year marked a colossal success, paving the way for Tracy to bid farewell to her evening job in 2006 and fully immerse herself in the business alongside Nick. Balancing work and family, especially with daughters still in school, Tracy managed the accounts, squeezing in office hours between school runs.

Fast forward to today, Tracy focuses on overseeing the financial facets of the business while Beckie handles the day-to-day operations. As the proud grandmother of the adorable George, Tracy finds joy outside of work spending quality time with her family. Her passion extends to the equestrian world, where she rides her beloved horses Murphy and Tilly. Additionally, Tracy takes on the crucial role of the number one groom for Beckie and Gucci.

When not in the business realm, Tracy cherishes moments with Nick and their loyal black Labrador, Ozzie, at their holiday home in scenic Devon. Tracy’s journey from the early days of juggling accounts to her current role as the financial steward is not just a testament to her dedication but also mirrors the evolution of Cubicle Solutions.

TEL: 0121 550 8838


Joining the Cubicle Solutions family in February 2015, Beckie's journey from office admin to our stellar Project Manager is a testament to her passion for learning and the infectious energy she brings to the Cubicle Solutions team.

When not managing the cubicle schedules and suppliers, Beckie dives into the intricate world of accounting, skilfully managing the ebb and flow of sales and purchase invoicing.

Away from the Cubicle Solutions hustle, Beckie transforms into a dressage star, competing with her much loved horse, Gucci.

She loves long country side walks with Vinnie, the vivacious Vizsla, and her partner-in-adventure, Tom.

Beyond the office, Beckie's all about quality time—whether it's family dinners, outdoor escapades, or socialising with friends.

A Project Manager by day, a joy instigator by choice - Beckie brings a dash of delight to every aspect of Cubicle Solutions. Swing by for bespoke information, a Vinnie cuddle, or just to say hello. 

TEL: 0121 550 8838


Meet Alan, the cornerstone of our customer-focused ethos. With an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Alan goes to extraordinary lengths to assist clients—a quality that has undoubtedly contributed to our enviable rate of repeat business.

In his role as our main surveyor, Alan plays a pivotal role in the seamless coordination of projects. From scheduling works to acting as the vital link between our office and factory, he ensures that every aspect of the process runs like a well-oiled machine. Alan doesn't just stop there; he takes on the additional mantle of company troubleshooter, expertly navigating challenges as they arise.

His prowess extends beyond our walls as he maintains robust relationships with both suppliers and customers. Alan is the bridge that ensures clear communication and understanding, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration.

Outside the realm of cubicles and washroom solutions, Alan finds joy in the company of his fiancée and daughter. A dedicated family man, he cherishes the moments spent with his loved ones. And yes, Alan is a die-hard Wolves supporter—though we tease him good-naturedly about it, we secretly admire his unwavering loyalty to his team.

Alan's commitment to excellence, both in customer service and project management, sets a standard for our team. He is not just a professional powerhouse but a valuable asset to the Cubicle Solutions family.


Ozzie, the fur-bulous addition to our team, joined us in 2021 as a puppy. Despite his young age, Ozzie takes his role as the official greeter very seriously. His favourite part of the job? Well, that's insisting on receiving as much attention and fuss from visitors as possible!

Working side by side with his furry colleague, Vinnie, Ozzie brings a whole new level of energy and joy to the workplace. Together, this dynamic duo keeps the rest of the staff on their toes, injecting a dose of playfulness and warmth into our professional environment.

So, the next time you visit us, be prepared for a warm welcome from Ozzie. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his insistence on attention is nothing short of endearing.

Ozzie and Vinnie, our dynamic canine duo, truly embody the spirit of camaraderie and joy in our workplace. 🐾✨


Let's introduce Vinnie—the furry office ambassador, and Beckie's much loved fur-baby. If you drop by the Cubicle Solutions office, be ready for a warm welcome, complete with kisses and cuddles (from Vinnie, not Beckie!)

Since joining us in May, Vinnie has become an integral and much-loved member of our work family.