The Elite Range

Premium Aluminium Toilet and Shower Cubicle Pilasters.

Experience the premium look and quality feel of our Elite toilet and shower cubicle pilasters. Manufactured from extruded aluminium, our Elite system reflects the highest standards of build quality and exudes a sophisticated aesthetic appeal.Installation and maintenance of our Elite system are effortless, thanks to its robustness and durability. For disabled access, we offer a unique outward opening mechanism that ensures convenience and inclusivity.

At Cubicle Solutions, we understand the importance of customisation. Our Elite metalwork is available in a diverse array of colours, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your space.

Product specification

In addition to its striking visual appeal, Elite offers site-ready sub-assemblies. Hinges, leg supports, latches, and channel fixings are pre-assembled, significantly reducing installation time and cost. Choose from a wide range of metallic and Polyester Powder Coated finishes to complement your preferred laminate colours.

Door Spec / Cubicle Height

Maximum Height 2600mm overall (doors & dividers 2450mm + 150mm cubicle leg).

Core Material

Doors & Dividers only. 18mm moisture resistant Melamine Faced Chipboard (Lutley) or 12mm Solid Grade Compact Laminate (Hanley). Extruded elliptical aluminium pilasters.

Edge Detail

All edges lipped in matching 2mm ABS edging. (Lutley).

All edges radiused (Hanley).


Wet, Dry, Humid, Heavy Traffic Areas.


High spec factory fitted textured charcoal grey PPC (polyester powder coated) aluminium ironmongery.

Discover the two ranges available within our Elite system:

This range features traditional type dividing panels and doors, crafted from 18mm Moisture Resistant Melamine Faced Particle Board.

Specifically designed for environments with a possibility of water contact and high humidity, Hanley Elite offers traditional type dividing panels and doors manufactured from 13mm Solid Grade Compact Laminate. With complete water resistance, it is the ideal solution for shower cubicles and toilet cubicles. The Elite range of toilet cubicles is available in Standard or Stainless Steel Hardware options.

Experience the excellence of Elite in your toilet and shower cubicles. Choose a system that combines premium aesthetics, durability, and a range of customisation options. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and explore the benefits of Elite for your space.

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