Discover the Flush Range: Elevate Your Washroom to Premium Standards

Discover the Flush Range: Elevate Your Washroom to Premium Standards
At Cubicle Solutions, we pride ourselves on designing and delivering bespoke washroom solutions that meet the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics. Today, we're excited to introduce our flagship product: The Flush Range. This premium cubicle system is meticulously crafted for high-end installations, providing a seamless and sophisticated finish that is unparalleled in the industry. 

The Essence of Luxury: The Flush Range 

The Flush Range is the epitome of modern washroom design, offering a sleek and streamlined appearance with no visible hardware from the outside. This cubicle system is engineered to impress, combining cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with top-quality materials to create a product that not only looks stunning but performs exceptionally well.

Innovative Design Features

One of the standout features of the Flush Range is its adjustable sprung hinges. These specially designed hinges ensure that the door falls closed when unlocked, presenting a flush frontage that enhances the overall aesthetic of your washroom. This feature not only adds to the visual appeal but also provides a practical solution for maintaining privacy and hygiene. 

Unmatched Customisation and Craftsmanship

The Flush Range offers unparalleled customisation options to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require a standard height or a bespoke configuration, our cubicle system can be manufactured to any height up to a maximum of 2400mm overall.

Doors & Pilasters:

- Constructed from 45mm solid core door blanks.

- Lipped as required in 6mm/15mm sapele or oak hardwood.

- Faced on both sides with standard colour laminate.

- Panels are CNC machined for precise rebates and hinges.

- The bottom edge of pilasters and the long edges of wall-mounted pilasters are grooved for a 20mm x 20mm hardwood block.

Dividing Panels:

- Made from standard 18mm moisture-resistant melamine-faced chipboard.

- Ensuring durability and longevity in dry environments. 

Superior Ironmongery

All ironmongery used in the Flush Range is crafted from satin stainless steel, offering a perfect blend of style and strength. The adjustable sprung hinges are designed to allow the door to fall closed, always maintaining a pristine and flush appearance. This attention to detail not only enhances the aesthetic but also ensures reliable and robust performance.

Tailored for Executive Environments

The Flush Range is specifically designed for top specification, executive-style cubicles. It is the ideal choice for environments where only the best will do, such as luxury hotels, corporate offices, and high-end public facilities. The combination of premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and innovative design features makes the Flush Range a standout option for those looking to make a lasting impression. 

Elevate Your Washroom Experience

By choosing the Flush Range, you are opting for a cubicle system that goes beyond mere functionality. It is a statement of quality and sophistication, transforming ordinary washrooms into extraordinary spaces. The sleek, flush design, coupled with the robust construction and superior materials, ensures that the Flush Range stands out as a premium choice in washroom solutions. 

At Cubicle Solutions, we understand that every detail matters. That's why we've designed the Flush Range to meet the highest standards of quality and elegance, providing a washroom solution that is as functional as it is beautiful. Elevate your washroom experience with the Flush Range and make a lasting impression on all who enter.

For more information and to explore the full range of options, visit our website and read the complete blog. Discover how the Flush Range can transform your washroom into a space of unparalleled luxury and sophistication.

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