Spring has sprung and you might be ready to jump into your next interior project equipped with the latest washroom colour trends. We have compiled a selection of colour trends, using the timeless BioCarbon Laminates collection, that we’re sure will get heads turning this year.

Whether you’re taking on a commercial washroom refurbishment, a school new-build, or challenged with a washroom and locker room project at at a sports and leisure facility, we believe these washroom colour trends will provide you with some inspiration.

Spa-Style Luxury

Picture a serene oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A soft and inviting ambiance. A cocoon of relaxation. Surrounded by natural elements and tones, giving people a moment to unwind and replenish.

Now more than ever people seek tranquility. Imagine creating a space where people can do just that and take a minute to absorb their surroundings and rejuvenate themselves before tackling the outside world again.

Leveraging the latest insights and colour direction from Colour Hive, Country Oak (BC688) with Diamond Quartz (BC369) are great options to provide elegant organics. The earthy, subdued natural tones of the oak wood will work to soothe and calm, while Diamond Quartz drops in small hints of the natural world and adds a splash of luxury to the washroom.

Together with clever use of metallic detailing in the washroom you can create a spa-like haven.

Embracing our natural world

Biophilic design. When nature met architecture. Where every wall has a pulse and every surface breathes. In a world where ‘concrete jungles’ are the norm and interiors have become stale and unimaginative. Biophilic design is a breath of fresh air. It’s a celebration of sense and connection with the natural world.

Embracing biophilic design not only comes with sensory benefits, but with it comes health benefits. The emergence of biophilic design has helped to reduce stress levels, lower heart rates, and blood pressure.

Take advantage of our complete collection of wooden décors inspired by nature. Each one has its benefits but we have chosen English Oak (BC687) for a traditional wood look. We have also selected Sage (BC551). The delicate hue of sage offers wisdom and elegance to a washroom interior.

Intertwining your interior washroom with the outside natural world is a no-brainer and while we believe this is a 2024 trend – we think this will dominate design trends for the next decade.

Think Pink

Indulge in the softness of pink and brighten your interior space. Enjoy the affectionate and sensitive warm hug of this timeless colour and inject its optimism and positivity into your washroom projects. 

Pink evokes happiness. A cheerful embrace. Its light and airy hue can open the lungs of a space.

Utilise the purity and innocence of Egyptian White (BC129), or the comforting and nurturing tones of Ballerina (BC529) to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Dulux’s ‘Colour of the Year 2024’ is Sweet Embrace which has very similar characteristics to Ballerina, reinforcing this trend.

Banish the bleak and promote pink.

Modernising black

Does black ever go out of fashion? 

From the softness of pink to a much moodier tone. Craft luxurious, opulent washroom interiors by incorporating the richness of black into your project. You can create sophisticated, sleek washrooms by utilising this modern, stylish décor. This latest trend follows that of kitchen spaces when black became the most popular colour to use.

Choose Jet (BC233) in your washroom or for a lighter tone opt for Graphite (BC229). If you are looking to pair Jet with another décor, something like Luna Grey (BC278) will give the washroom a big enough contrast to make the black even more effective. Dramatic contrast can add depth to a room. It can make the room feel dynamic and visually appealing. 

Explore the mystical elements of black and create sleek cubicle design for your washroom project.

Nature’s Symphony 

A fusion of earthy elements. A crossover between the rich, earthiness of wood and cool, airy tones of sky blue. These timeless decors showcase the effectiveness of nature’s palette.

The organic charm of the wood grain offers a sense of intrigue, while also being so familiar. Set against a backdrop of the cleanliness and purity of sky blue, with the ability to fill a room with light.

 The rustic tone and grain of Sawn Maple (BC690) and the brightness of Sky (BC584) can create an injection of natural elements in your washroom project.

Use BioCarbon Laminates in your next public washroom project and take advantage of our timeless range of décors to create visually engaging interior spaces.

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